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VRD Rupture Disc For Fixed Piping Arrangements from Measurement Solutions

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article image VRD Revers Acting Rupture Disc Assembly

When Size Matters

Introducing the VRD Reverse Acting Rupture Disc Assembly from Measurement Solutions . This all-new rupture disc and holder system combines all the benefits of our scored, reverse acting line of rupture discs with the additional feature of a reduced holder height. You now have the flexibility of using our reverse acting rupture discs in existing fixed piping systems.

Precise Setting/Optimum Flow

The VRD Rupture Disc incorporates patented precision controlled indentations. These features allow precise control of burst pressure in a reverse acting rupture disc. The VRD Rupture Disc uses a semicircular score to provide a clean, consistent opening pattern. At burst, the score pattern allows the disc to fully open, folding back against the holder, resulting in an optimum flow condition.

Gaseous and Liquid Service

The VRD Assembly is designed to provide full opening, even in  non-compressible liquid applications. Below certain set pressures, the user should consult the factory about  applying the VRD Rupture Disc in liquid systems.

Reduced Height Stretches Application Flexibility

Seal Load Sensitivity

The VRD Rupture Disc is supplied with permanently attached encapsulating rings, which are proven to eliminate seal load (bolt torque) sensitivity.

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