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Rent the new Fluke 1630-2/FC earth ground clamp tester

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article image Fluke 1630-2/FC earth ground clamp tester

Measurement Rentals has introduced the Fluke 1630-2/FC earth clamp-on ground tester to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.

The Fluke1630 uses the clamp-on ground testing technique to simplify ground loop testing and enable non-intrusive leakage current measurement. Featuring a compact and rugged design for ease of use in small spaces and harsh environments respectively, the Fluke 1630 offers convenience with the ‘display hold’ function and continuity testing with an audible alarm. The clamp-on ground testing technique allows earth ground loop testing and continuity testing to be completed without breaking the circuit.

The stakeless testing method employed by the Fluke 1630 ground clamp testers eliminates the need to disconnect parallel ground rods and find suitable locations for placing auxiliary ground stakes, saving time. Users such as industrial and utility electricians, and field service electricians and contractors, can also perform earth ground loop tests in locations where other techniques are not practical such as inside buildings or on power pylons.

In the stakeless testing method, the Fluke 1630 earth ground clamp is placed around the earth ground rod or the connecting cable. A known voltage is induced by one half of the clamp and the current is measured by the other half. The tester automatically determines the ground loop resistance at this grounding connection.

Key features of the Fluke 1630 ground clamp testers include ground loop resistance range from 0.025 Ω to 1500 Ω meeting all requirements; large jaw opening of 35mm allowing tests on ground conductors and/ or equipotential bus bars; ability to measure ground leakage current from 0.2 mA to 1000 mA without disconnecting, enabling system troubleshooting; time saving memory function automatically recording and storing measured values; and automatic self calibration ensuring correct measurement every time.

Measurement Rentals also offers AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes (CRO), data acquisition, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement, antennas and a wide range of specialist test and measurement equipment for immediate hire, Australia-wide.

Measurement Rentals offers a wide range of test and measurement equipment at daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates. Please visit www.measurementrentals.com.au for more information.

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