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Measurement Rentals now offering the Keysight 33522B 30 MHz 2-channel function/signal generator

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Measurement Rentals announces the addition of Keysight 33522B 30 MHz 2-channel function/signal generator to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.

The Keysight 33522B dual channel signal generator, function generator and ARB generator delivers extreme stability, and low distortion and jitter. The Keysight 33522B is a precision 30 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator.

Offering all the usual signals and features such as modulation, sweep and burst, the 33500B Series waveform generators use Keysight’s Trueform technology to present a new alternative that blends the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures, giving the benefits of both without the limitations. Trueform technology uses an exclusive digital sampling technique that delivers unmatched performance and signal quality.

The waveform summing and combining capability of the new Keysight 33522B allows the user to easily add noise to their signal for margin and distortion testing using only a single channel. Dual-tone multi-frequency signals can be created on either or both channels. Up to four signals can be combined on the two-channel model.

The bandwidth of the built-in noise generator can be adjusted to control the frequency content of the signal.

Key features of Keysight 33522B dual channel function/signal generators include 30 MHz, dual-channel mode, sine, square, pulse, ARB; < 40 ps jitter; < 0.04% total harmonic distortion; 250 MSa/s, 16-bit sampling rate for higher time resolution arbitrary waveforms; 1 MSa deep waveform memory; true point-by-point arbitrary waveforms for more accurate representation of user-defined signals; sine, square, ramp, triangle, noise, and pulse generation with variable edges, plus DC waveforms; AM, FM, PM, FSK, and PWM modulation; linear and logarithmic sweep and burst; USB and LAN interfaces (LXI Class C Compliant); graph mode for visual verification of signal settings ; and built-in web browser for immediate remote control over LAN.

Measurement Rentals’ test and measurement equipment range includes AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes, data acquisition systems, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement and antennas among others.

Measurement Rentals offers a wide range of test and measurement equipment at daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates.

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