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Keysight E36231A DC power supplies from Measurement Rentals

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Measurement Rentals has added the new Keysight (Agilent) E36231A DC power supply to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.

The new Keysight E36231A DC power supply is an autoranging dual output power supply with 30 V, 20 A, 200 W – LAN and USB. The autoranging technology provides the highest current available at all output voltage, ensuring you have the power you need on the bench, with the E36200 series ready for your application. Combined with low output ripple/noise and layers of device protection, the new DC power supply allows you to test with confidence.

A fully SCPI programmable power supply with built-in USB and LAN, the E36231A features data logging, LIST mode, and synchronisation through input and output triggers; 4.3-inch LCD colour display showing the voltage and current of all channels with different views; colour coding of knobs, display and binding posts helping avoid setup and connection errors; two individual knobs for voltage and current with rotary encoder control for precise setting and instrument keypad allowing quick adjustments and configurations in less time; and adjustable slew rate and remote 4-wire sense benefitting high current applications.

The adjustable slew rate is necessary to avoid large inrush currents while remote sense ensures the correct output voltage at the DUT compensating for losses in the leads due to the higher currents.

The user can easily create data logging measurements over a specific timeframe. The E36200 Series simultaneously logs data on all DC outputs, both voltage and current measurements, spaced by a programmable sample period, to the large colour display and a file. The data logger display can be exported in PNG or BMP file formats or the time-stamped data as a .CSV file for reports and documentation. The built-in memory allows data logging without a USB drive.

To further improve the voltage regulation and measurement accuracy of the DC outputs, the E36200 Series offers a 4-wire remote sensing capability along with the convenience of 2-wire local sensing on all outputs. Remote sensing requires the addition of a second set of leads to monitor the voltage at the test device. It is particularly useful for compensating for the voltage drops in the power leads when using the higher output currents. Internal relays ease switching between 2-wire local sensing and 4-wire remote sensing thus eliminating the need for shorting bars or jumpers commonly found on other bench power supplies

Measurement Rentals also offers AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes (CRO), data acquisition, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement, antennas and a wide range of specialist test and measurement equipment for immediate hire, Australia-wide.

Measurement Rentals offers a wide range of test and measurement equipment at daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates. For more information, please visit www.measurementrentals.com.au.

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