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Aaronia SPECTRAN NF Low Frequency/ EMF Handheld Spectrum Analysers from Measurement Innovation

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Measurement Innovation  supplies the SPECTRAN NF series of handheld spectrum analysers from Aaronia AG.  

Aaronia SPECTRAN handheld spectrum analysers are available in a range of models covering a broad range of frequencies: 

  • SPECTRAN NF-1010 (10Hz to 2kHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-1010E (10Hz to 10kHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-3010 (10Hz to 100kHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-3020 (10Hz to 400kHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-5010 (1Hz to 1MHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-5030 (1Hz to 1/20/30MHz)
  • SPECTRAN NF-XFR MIL-STD-810F (1Hz to 20/30MHz)

The NF series handheld spectrum analysers are low frequency spectrum analysers designed to provide simplified measurement of electric and magnetic fields for interference and exposure applications.  

The EMF spectrum analysers can be used for radiation detection in the surroundings, displaying sources, respective frequencies, signal strengths and exposure limits.    

SPECTRAN handheld spectrum analysers find application in measurements of traction power, power lines, power cables, lamps, power supplies, transformer stations, household appliances and electronic devices.   

The highly complex calculations required for exposure limit measurements are performed automatically by a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP).  

Exposure levels for various standards are displayed as a practical bargraph display (including convergence display in percent) while the measurement is in progress.  

Measurement Innovation is the exclusive distributor for all Aaronia test and measurement products in Australia and New Zealand.  

Aaronia products can be ordered online for immediate shipment from the Measurement Innovation website.

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