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Measure-Tech Australia supply measuring strips and labels designed to accurately observe temperature fluctuations.

Thermax Products (Non-Reversible)
  • Labels - from a single temperature indication to 10 temperature levels on one label; also miniature temperature indicating labels for electronic applications
  • Paints - either single change or multi-change types which give a temperature indication by changing colour
  • Crayons - which either melt or change colour to indicate when a specific temperature has been reached
  • Chillcheckers - ideal for temperature monitoring and show if the temperature has risen above the required level, which could be as low as -17°C, or up to +20°C. These units have to be activated once installed
  • Temperature Indicators - which monitor falling temperatures, e.g for goods which must not be frozen – available from -10°C to +10°C
  • Disinfection Indicators - used to ensure that the required temperatures have been reached in dishwashers and medical steriliser

Thermographic Measurements Products (Reversible)

  • Labels - used to indicate the ambient temperature, from -30°C and up to +90°C, available in various ranges with up to 16 temperature indications on one label
  • Safety Indicators - to indicate hot surfaces in industrial applications
  • Customised Labels - for special purposes such as Wash Cycle Temperatures. The labels can be supplied on a plastic mounting or a printed card for special applications
  • Fridge and Freezer Thermometers - to show the running temperatures of these appliances, and whether they are within accepted limits
Timestrip Products
  • iStrip - is a simple and inexpensive method of ensuring that goods which must not be frozen in transit have not been subjected to temperatures below 0°C, even for a few minutes
  • Timestrip Smart Labels - for wide variety of applications in many industries which have a need to monitor both time and temperature related events to show, for example how long goods have been in a freezer, or as a product freshness monitor, to show when the “Use By” date has passed
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21/09/10 - Measure-Tech Australia presents the HI 955501 & HI 955502 From -199.9 to 850°C with 4-Wire Pt100 Thermometers.
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16/07/10 - HI95801 Checktemp pocket thermometers provide temperature measurements in clear digits with accuracy and over a wider range. In addition, they do so without the possibility of breakage or condensation
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18/06/10 - Now available from Measure-Tech Australia, the TMC developed and independently tested triple level thermal disinfection indicator is able to withstand extreme conditions within an industrial dishwasher.
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04/12/09 - Measure-Tech Australia provides a wide range of temperature indicators and reversible labels and inks brands such as Thermax.

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