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HI95801 Checktemp pocket thermometers from Measure-Tech Australia

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HI95801 Checktemp pocket thermometers, available from Measure-Tech Australia provide temperature measurements in clear digits with accuracy and over a wider range. In addition, they do so without the possibility of breakage or condensation.

HI95801 Checktemp pocket thermometers provide temperature read-outs from -50 to 150°C or -58 to 302°F in seconds on a large Liquid Crystal Display with ±0.3°C or ±0.5°F accuracy.

The new Checktemp L pocket thermometers, featuring a rounded probe tip which is ideal for measurements in liquid are now available.

Electronic thermometers have sometimes been likened to a black box. One is never sure if the display is correct. In contrast, Checktemp pocket thermometers have a cal-check feature.

There is a switch under the battery cover which sends a 0.0°C ±0.3°C (32.0°F ±0.5°F) signal to the display. The reader can be sure about the accuracy of readings and, if necessary, can manually compensate for any deviation in calibration.

Features of Checktemp pocket thermometers:

  • Durability - Rugged ABS housing.
  • Ease-of-Transport - No protection required.
  • Fast Response Time - Checktemp provides a reading within 20 seconds.
  • Easy to Read - LCD readable at any angle

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