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RE 65 motor available from Maxon Motor

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Maxon Motor  have expanded their range of brushed DC motors.

The new RE 65 power package delivers 250 watts and can cope tough demands. The RE 65 motor is suitable for medical and laboratory applications where high efficiency, high power density and a minimal operating noise are crucial.

As with all Maxon Motor’s mechanically commutated drives, the heart of the RE 65 motor is the ironless rotor. This means that the drive works detent-free and has minimal rotor inertia.

High torques and quick acceleration times are produced in combination with the four-pole structure of the Neodymium permanent magnets.

Depending on the winding variation, the cylindrical drive, at 65mm diameter and 130mm length, delivers nominal torque of 0.5 to 0.9Nm - at a nominal speed of 2,400 - 3,700rpm. The power density is, therefore, more than double compared to existing drives.

The RE65 motor can reach efficiency levels of up to 90%. Combined with low nominal voltages in the 18 - 70 V range, the RE65 motor is suitable for battery-powered use such as in electrical vehicles, transport and logistics equipment, mobile robots, etc.

Preloaded ball bearings support low-vibration and low-noise operation, offering suitable conditions for a long service life in conjunction with graphite brushes.

Maxon Motor’s modular system can provide matching planetary drives, encoders and controllers to suit every specific application for the RE 65 motor. Accordingly, the new drive is also suitable for all kinds of applications in medical technology.

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