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Micro drives available from Maxon Motor

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Maxon Motor’s  micro drives are compact, efficient and durable. They include brushless and brush DC motors with diameters of between 6 – 10mm, the design of which brings substantial benefits to customers.

DC motors with Maxon Motor’s ironless winding are characterised by the absence of magnetic detent, rapid acceleration due to a low moment of inertia, low electromagnetic interference, low inductance and high efficiency.

This group includes the RE 8 with an external diameter of 8mm and 0.5 watt assigned power rating and now the RE6 at 0.3 watt. Both have high-tech ceramic shafts which are better than steel ones in many respects. At 0.8mm in diameter, their motor shafts are as thin as a pencil lead.

The central feature of the cylindrical, brushless EC motor is the electronic rather than mechanical commutation. This means that the bearings are practically the only restricting factor in terms of service life. The motor rotation is free of any detent and reaches high speeds, even at low voltages.

Maxon Motor’s winding system means that the winding can be constructed to suit specific applications. The EC6 with a 6mm diameter and 1.2 watt assigned power rating is in this category.

Brushless DC external rotor motors, also known as flat motors, are suitable drives for many applications due to their flat design. They come in two types, namely the EC 6 flat motor at Ø6 x 2.2mm and the new EC 10 at Ø10 x 2.52mm.

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