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Maxon Motor releases robotically manufactured motors

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article image DCX 22 DC servomotor with planetary gearhead and incremental encoder © 2015 Maxon Motor Australia

Maxon Motor Australia introduces a new range of DC servomotors that are robotically manufactured to the exact specifications provided by the customer on a web-based motor configuration tool.

Customers can use the online service to customise DC servomotors to their specific application requirements with quick turnaround times. The automatic manufacturing of custom DC servomotors eliminates screws, pins or clamps between the motor, gearhead and encoder combination. This can be achieved even for encoders using continuous flow laser welding. The traditional mounting plate design between the DC motor and the planetary gearhead is removed to reduce overall length.

A complete weld revolution between the motor and gearhead eliminates the possibility of oil or water ingress into the motor at this point. The encoder cable exit is also sealed providing both strain relief and sealing. Maxon DC servomotors support a completely enclosed design as they do not require internal airflow or brush cooling.

Customers can tailor various features on the motor including the shaft length, shaft flats, cable lengths, gear ratios and winding characteristics using the web configuration tool to best suit their application.

Normally a robust, efficient and customised motor drive that is manufactured to order in Switzerland would take a minimum of four weeks to produce. This new style of manufacturing represents a breakthrough with the product being shipped in less than 11 working days.

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