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High Performance Motors from Maxon Motor Australia

Maxon Motors offer a variety of motors and motor accessories designed for demanding applications

DC Motors

High quality motors fitted with powerful permanent magnets.
  • Cutting edge technology is used to produce compact, powerful and low inertia drives
  • DC motors have very fast acceleration thanks to their low mass moment of inertia
  • A-max and RE-max offer countless options and top performance
EC Motors
Maxon's electronically commutated DC motors are characterised in particular by:
  • Favourable torque behaviour
  • High performance
  • An extremely wide speed range
  • Unprecedented service life

Their outstanding control features help create precision positioning drives, providing top performance per volume unit.

Maxon Flat Motor
The flat design of the brushless DC flat motors makes them ideal for many applications.
  • Designed as internal or external rotor motors, they are often the ideal solution when space is limited
  • Well thought out and simple design means that production is largely automated, helping keep down the price
Maxon Gears
The precision spur and planetary gearheads are compatible with maxon motors. In addition to a large standard program, maxon shows its strengths with customer oriented special designs based on a broad know-how.

Maxon Tacho
  • Encoders, DC Tachos and resolvers enable speed and angular position to be evaluated accurately and form the basis for high precision positioning
  • Sensors are only mounted on motors with continuous shafts to ensure high precision and signal resolution
  • Assembly is compatible with the motors
Maxon Motor Controls
  • Different 4-quadrant servo amplifiers cover all requirements in terms of performance and speed accuracy in maxon dc motors
  • The 1 and 4- quadrant amplifiers offer a range of useful functions
  • Positioning controllers are complete solutions for accurate positioning and regulated rotary movements
Maxon Compact Drive
Maxon’s compact drives feature controllers, sensors and motors in a modern aluminium casing, which when combined existing compatible products produce robust, space saving and high power density drive solutions.
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26/04/16 - Maxon Motor Australia introduces a new line of DC motor controllers, considered the smallest and most powerful to date in their range.
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24/10/15 - Maxon Motor Australia announces the release of a new range of small DC servomotors specifically designed for aircraft applications.
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20/08/15 - A brushed DC motor from Maxon Motor has been incorporated in a lane departure warning system being developed by a luxury car manufacturer.
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25/05/15 - Maxon Motor Australia introduces a new range of DC servomotors that are robotically manufactured to the exact specifications provided by the customer.
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25/02/15 - Maxon Motor Australia recently supplied an Australian customer its 6mm diameter brushless DC servo motors for use in a medical rehabilitation application.
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