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Maxon Motor Australia exhibits motors and gearheads at Hanover Fair 2003

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From ceramic motor, through autoclaveable motor to low backlash gearheads, Maxon Motor Australia has exhibited new products at the Hanover Fair 2003.

Maxon Motor Australia has increased its range with new products.

New flat motors enhance the range of electronically commutated EC motors. This includes the smallest in this group of products – the EC 6 flat motor with an outer diameter of only 6mm and a length of 2.2mm.

The choice of flat motors with measurements of Ø6 to Ø90mm covers a performance range from 30 milliwatt to 90 watt.

The family of electronically commutated EC motors includes a new line of autoclaveable motors which are especially suitable for use in surgical and medical technology applications. For this purpose there are motors with outer diameters of 6, 16 and 22mm.

In these motors, Maxon Motor Australia has incorporated all the advantages of modern high-tech drives: long life span, no cogging and a large speed range.

High performance miniature motors

There are also 2 new products in the group of mechanically commutated DC motors. One is the tiny but high performance RE 8 with an 8mm outer diameter and its minute, high-tech, ceramic shaft with a diameter of 0.8mm. The other is the RE 30 which, with a diameter of 30mm and a length of 68mm, has a power rating of 60 watt. The moving coil maxon system rotor represents the heart of these motors.

New products have also been added to the range of gearheads, for example, the reduced backlash planetary gearhead GP 32 Z. An example of special gearhead construction is the planetary gearhead with the 2-speed hollow shaft system.

The motor shaft goes through the gearhead which results in two different speeds at the gear output. The motor can also have a hollow shaft which opens new application possibilities for air, vacuum or light.

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