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GP 22 S and GP 32 S gearheads from Maxon Motor

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Mechanical engineering often faces the task of converting rotational movements into powerful linear movements.
The associated development costs can now be cut by using modular spindle drives in Maxon Motor’s modular system.

The GP 22 S and GP 32 S gearheads, specifically adjusted for spindles, are designed to withstand high loads and the special spindle intake means that customer-specific spindles can be assembled easily which shortens supply times.

There are three different standard spindle types to choose from - metric spindles, trapeze spindles and spherical rotating spindles. The spindles are available as steel or ceramic variations and in any length up to 200mm. Spindle nuts to match are supplied.

Gearheads, motors, encoders and controllers from Maxon Motor’s standard program are used to drive the spindles. The individual components of the spindle drives are all compatible to help create effective drive solutions.

For the time being, modified planetary gearheads are available in two different sizes, with diameters of 22mm and 32mm. Reduction ratios of 3.7:1 to 1093:1 provide maximum torques of 6Nm and speeds of up to 1600 min-1. The additional axial bearings of these gearheads can also withstand powerful axial forces from the spindles.

Maxon DC or EC motors can be used to drive the system, depending on the application. Compatible encoders which are critical for accurate positioning can be fitted to the motors.

The EPOS positioning controller, with its impressively wide function range and CANopen connection, is recommended to control the motor-encoder combination. It can also directly evaluate end-switches and other sensors. The programmable EPOS P variation can be used to help create standalone systems.

Features of the spindle drives are their robustness and long service life.

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