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DC Servo Motor Planetary Gearheads from Maxon Motor with Low Backlash

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article image GP 32 BZ Planetary Gearhead

Maxon Motor introduces a new line of DC servo motor planetary gearheads that minimises backlash without affecting performance, operation or efficiency.  

While 100% zero backlash gears may not be possible, designing gears with reduced backlash is either very costly or leads to reduced efficiency.  

Since backlash-free gears constitute a physical impossibility, Maxon Motor has been focusing its efforts on a gear featuring the least possible backlash.  

An engineering team headed by Rolf Schafer has developed a new concept that has met the given requirements and even surpassed them.  

The Design Principle of GP 32 BZ Planetary Gearheads

The planetary wheels of the last stage are mounted to their shaft in pairs so that the individual wheels are loaded in radial direction and interconnected with each other by means of torsion springs.  

In assembled condition, the planetary wheels are slightly askew to each other with the leading tooth flank of one planetary wheel in contact with one flank of the hollow wheel.  

Similarly, the trailing tooth flank of the second planetary wheel touches the other hollow wheel's flank, resulting in elimination of backlash.  

The design leads to a virtually zero backlash behaviour and to extraordinary smooth operation.  

During phases of high load beyond the tension force of the preloaded planetary wheel pairs, the backlash-free condition is nullified and the backlash is slightly increased.  

With decreasing load, the preload force of the planetary wheels comes again into action, resulting in backlash-reduced status once more.  

This characteristic causes the gearheads to reliably operate with insignificantly low backlash under high loads, but automatically returning to backlash-reduced operation once falling short of the defined torque limit.  

This pattern is repeated across the entire lifespan of the planetary gearheads while the backlash will diminish even more over time.   

Maxon Motor Australia is the Australian operation of Maxon Motor, a leading global supplier of high-precision drive systems.

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