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Smartmax DNP3 router from Maxon

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With it’s array of industrial connectivity options which include RS232, RS485 and USB ports the Smartmax router from Maxon also uses a DNP3 protocol and HSPA wireless connection to ensure a local, national and international remote access via it’s VPN, DDNS & FTP features. The Smartmax is able to power up simple and advanced applications and can enable both secure and two-way communications for remote monitoring, management, control and reporting. The router also is complete with a SCADA function.

With the additional I/O Board, the Smartmax transforms into a standalone RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), being an all-in-one solution to streamline your data telemetry to the next generation.

Smartmax applications:

  • Data logging equipment from 3g
  • SMS reporting from device
  • Message traffic board signs
  • Traffic counting
  • Security camera control
  • Environmental applications
  • DNP3 Scada enabled
  • SMS and webface control of remote telemetry applications
  • RS232 and ethernet connectivity
A USB to ethernet converter is also available from Maxon which adds flexible ethernet connectivity to the router. With this add-on, a simultaneous RS232 & ethernet connection is now a powerful feature of the Smartmax.

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