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Ultraform FX and Ultraform XT Tooling Systems available from Maxitec

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Maxitec introduces the Ultraform FX and Ultraform XT Tooling Systems, designed to provide additional forming fabrication operation options for the Prima-Fin Power Turret Express Machines that are more flexible and efficient.

The Ultraform Tooling System range, are manufactured by Mate and consist of Mate’s Ultraform insert system. These tooling systems are designed to reduce levels of complexity and length adjustments tooling, which many users of Prima-Fin Express Machines, might infrequently use.

Ultraform FX

The Ultraform FX are a fixed length tooling systems designed for users who use machines with precise stroke control and require more flexibility without the need of length adjustments. The Ultraform FX uses Mate’s Ultraform Holder System to allow an unlimited number of forming tools to be used with the same holder.

The Ultraform FX are available in B to E stations with multiple angle settings of 0º, 90º and 270º, and lubrication grooves.

Ultraform XT

The Ultraform XT are fixed length tooling systems, between the shoulder and the punch, which eliminates risks to machine turrets.  The adjustable length between shoulder and tip of the forming tool allows precise form height adjustments.  In order to adjust, the operator needs to loosen the head and turn the punch head.

The Ultraform XT are designed for users who perform infrequent length adjustments and require flexibility. These tooling systems also utilises Mate’s Ultraform Holder System.  They are available in B to E station with angle settings of 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º and lubrication grooves.

The Ultraform FX and Ultraform XT are available from Maxitech for Australian and New Zealand.

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