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Sheetmetal fabrication software distributed by Maxitec wins Formula 1 time trial

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article image Sheetmetal fabrication software wins Formula 1 time trial for Red Bull

Maxitec cites the example of Formula 1 racing to highlight the intricate competitive advantages of JETCAM sheetmetal software.

Maxitec is the Australia/NZ distributor of JETCAM sheet metal fabrication software.

Red Bull Technology Ltd in Europe recently based its manufacturing on JETCAM sheetmetal software to gain numerous advantages in the super-fast world of Formula 1 racing. Red Bull used the fabrication software to produce parts from composite ply rather than conventional sheetmetal.

In addition to the system paying for itself within three months, Red Bull’s gains from the JETCAM sheetmetal software include user-friendly operation by programmers, reduced machine cycle time by up to 42%, live recording data for immediate visibility of material costs on the shopfloor and quick training turnaround of just one day.

While also returning low scrap and high efficiency, JETCAM sheetmetal software facilitated high nesting efficiency.

Managing Director of Maxitec, Mr Andrew Bentrup says his company has overseen the installation of JETCAM in a growing number of businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Bentrup believes that the Formula 1 industry provides the ultimate applied scenario where fabrication software must perform to extreme efficiency. With time being a critical factor in the industry, given the sheer speed of delivery required, it is important for racing teams such as Red Bull that is often under pressure to re-engineer and manufacture body panels on the eve of a race to be able to use a reliable solution.

Several factors including speed, accuracy and physical efficiency were taken into account when Red Bull Technology’s management field tested various software options and identified JETCAM sheetmetal software as the right solution.

Mr Bentrup adds that a growing number of sheet metal fabricators in Australia and New Zealand are now turning from proprietary software to the more dynamic JETCAM software to meet their business needs as well as lower wastage and costs.

Key benefits for Red Bull Technology from JETCAM sheetmetal software:  

  • High nesting efficiency thanks to JETCAM’s high-performance nester, resulting in material efficiency and savings 
  • Increase in throughput due to features such as common line cutting, which allows plies to be separated using a single cut rather than leaving a skeleton 
  • JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) allows orders to be loaded remotely 
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, providing instant nesting efficiency and runtime statistics 
  • Reports provide immediate visibility of material costs on the shop floor

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