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article image Mate Vario tool grinder.

SHEETMETAL machinery specialist Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST) makes a return to the Austech show at National Manufacturing Week 2004.

As it has exclusive distribution agreements with some of the most respected global names in the business, AST is able to provide working demonstrations of some high quality equipment.

Managing director, Mr Ingo Bentrup, says the return to the exhibition scene for the company represents the beginning of some significant diversification for the company, which has seen it take on a number of new distribution agreements, including production line software for smaller businesses that is not only simple to operate, it has a cost structure offering extraordinarily good value to the user.

Brands and machines on display will include:

* A Finn-Power LPE5 Laser Punch Combination Machine with a Rofin Sinar DC025 Slab Laser. This will be the first time Finn-Power have exhibited this machine in Australia, highlighting Punch Press features with the latest energy-saving technologies for the punching and the co-ordinate drive systems of the machine.

The Punch Press also features Finn-Power's unique programmable upforming system that allows accurate and progressive forms to be made in the turret and allows form heights up to 16.0 mm. The Rofin Slab Laser technology produces extremely high laser beam quality that greatly enhances the quality of the laser cut produced in thin gauge sheetmetal.

* Three Gasparini machines including a 'state of the art' PBS 165 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake with a bed length of four metres. This will come equipped with a new Delem DA69 Windows 3D graphic control. It will feature Gasparini's new high-performance brushless servo motor-driven backguage with smooth and precise ball screw drives.

The new backgauge features axis speed increase of 50% with real mechanical positioning precision of ± 0.05mm, extendable to ± 0.02mm. Pneumatic upper tool clamping greatly reduces set-up times of the Press Brake. The patented Grinding System and Anti-Deflection Systems enable short and long parts to be folded to the same preselected profile without the need for intervention on the CNC Control.

A new X-Press 25, 25 Ton 1.2 metre Production Cell Machine will also be on show. This model is equipped with a 4-Axis Delem DA61 Numeric Control and is designed to be used for serious production of smaller parts. The machine comes standard with tooling and laser beam safety system.

Also from Gasparini, on display will be a CO 2503 Hydraulic Shear. This machine will be fully optioned with Delem DAC350 NC Control and Blade Anti-Scratch Device, Pneumatic Sheet Support, Automatic Blade Gap and Rack Angle Adjustment.

* From Mate Precision Tooling a full range of Mate Thick Turret Tooling will be featured, as well as their newly-released range of Thin Turret Tooling.

Also on display will be a Mate Vario Tool Grinder Model 2 which features fast and automatic grinding of most types of turret press Tooling. A unique feature of this machine is the Laser Beam Tool Sensing System that automatically measures the top of the Tool and provides a reference point for one of the five programmable sharpening programmes.

* In the 'Tooling Corner' will be a semi-automatic SAIM surface grinder. This universal Grinding Machine is suitable for the economic grinding of turret press tooling as well as general-purpose tool grinding.

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