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MFB commissions Maxitec's E5 Compact Express Machine for express manufacture of data cabinets

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article image Dave Bilston with his E5 Compact Express

MFB has teamed up with sheetmetal machinery supplier and specialist, Maxitec , for the express manufacture of 19 inch data cabinets. MFB Products generally supplies to a client base in the IT and communications sectors as well as to the financial institutions area, traffic control towers, CSIRO, defence applications, data installation.  

Managing Director of MFB, Mr David Bilston, said the key is to ensure a business is in consultative partnership with an expert in sheetmetal machinery and associated technologies. “Such an arrangement has not only given use excellent direction in the choice of technologies, it has helped us to time all our upgrades to an optimum and with a thorough cost analysis beforehand,” said Mr Bilston.  

“Within our vast capabilities there is a range of cabinets meeting the needs of every market sector - from office applications through to outdoor IP rated cabinets and security cabinets and consoles. The company's bread-and-butter is 19 inch data cabinets, yet in general terms our market is very diverse so we have to ensure that we not only have the right sheetmetal machinery for the tasks at hand, it has to serve us with a great level of flexibility and adaptability to absorb new projects seamlessly and efficiently.”  

MFB manufactures high quality racks, cabinets, consoles and enclosures, purpose built for each application. An industrial cabinet does not suit a computer room environment; a wall mounting cabinet is not intended to meet the requirements of an RFI/EMI shielded cabinet. However, continuity of design enables accessories to be compatible throughout the range of cabinets.  

MFB Products has been operating a FINN-POWER TP hydraulic machine for the past 16 years, when they recently commissioned one of the latest FINN-POWER technologies, the E5 Compact Express.  

“This machine replaced two other machines, therefore ensuring our overheads decreased and our output increased,” said Mr Bilston. “It operates very efficiently and I find it a lot easier during downtime as the process of tooling up a load is very, very quick. It is entirely servo electric and has no hydraulics therefore is very reliable. A business associate also in the fabrication sector runs this particular machine himself and he swears by it.”  

E5 Compact Express is a compact, servo electric turret punch press with fully automated material handling capabilities that arm sheemtetal fabricators with a multi-purpose machine for bending, forming, tapping and marking. With fully programmable punching and upforming stroke (NC-axis), the E5 Compact Express from FINN-POWER is available with 20 ton and 30 ton punching force. The machine is most suited to small fabrication shops wanting to introduce some level of automation.

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