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Maxitec’s client goes automatic with Prima-Power SG8 turret punch press

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Maxitec client was recently able to overcome a major challenge created by a change in raw materials while also gaining key efficiencies along the way in their manufacturing processes.

Mr Andrew Bentrup, managing director of sheet metal machinery specialist in Australia and New Zealand, Maxitec sees the functional challenges faced by fabricators on a regular basis and the solutions required.

Mr Bentrup explains that everything for this particular company was previously designed around a 2400mm x 1200mm blank of sheet metal, which was cut in advance and kept as part of dormant inventory in preparation for large orders.

A major part of the work was done manually and management didn't really have the ability to change the floor layout on the production line because everything was hard tooled.

But a small and seemingly non-imposing problem triggered a complete rethink that led to far better practices attuned to the modern world.

In this particular instance, when a raw material supplier made a simple change to the coating on its sheet metal stock, it caused unforeseen process problems and a sudden bottleneck for the Maxitec client.

The new coating lessened the gap between the work piece and the tooling on its machines to ultimately cause bruising to the coating and ruin it.

But the problem, according to Mr Bentrup also made their client see very clearly that its outdated methods were not only less capable of dealing with changes to raw materials, it actually highlighted the fact that they were using old hardware and processes.

Maxitec’s tooling supplier, MATE had a rethink of the tooling arrangement for this user and found a technical solution to overcome this challenge.

Thanks to this small technological change, Maxitec’s client was able to step back from its busy operation and realise that its entire production line equipment needed to change for it to remain competitive.

The solution acted as a trigger for a complete transformation of the company from a predominantly semi-auto production line into an automation-rich setup customised to suit its specific needs.

Maxitec’s client switched to automated shearing and cutting processes using a Prima-Power SG8 (Shear Genius 8) turret punch press.

The company’s automated production line is now capable of processing much larger blanks measuring 4300mm L x 1500mm W.

Shear Genius is based on the integration of right angle shearing into high-quality, high performance punching as mastered by Prima-Power in standalone turret punch presses.  

This integration helps fully utilise the manufacturing economy offered by efficient nesting programs that are also included in the standard Shear Genius packages.  

Shear Genius turret punch presses feature automatic loading and work piece removal from the system.  

Key benefits of Shear Genius turret punch presses:

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing solution for fast demand
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through versatility, reduction in sheet material consumption and decrease in total manufacturing time
  • Flexibility allows preparation for future production challenges through retrofits and expansions  


Mr Bentrup concludes by saying that their client has not only eliminated its bottlenecks and changed its factory internally for the better, it can now get the bigger orders and run an overnight shift with excellent productivity.

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