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Maxitec offers Shear Genius SGe Series turret punch presses with servo control

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Prima Power (formerly Finn Power) offers integrated shear technology powered by highly productive and energy efficient servo controllers in their Shear Genius SGe Series turret punch presses.  

Now available for the Australian and NZ fabrication markets, the updated servo electric turret punch presses feature right angle shear with a servo electric actuation system.    

There are several advantages of running the Shear Genius SGe Series integrated punching and shearing machines on servo electric control. In addition to lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, the innovative technology also enables high sheet utilisation, higher productivity as well as advanced bending and forming capabilities with electric stroke.  

The fully servo electric SGe Series turret punch presses meet high requirements for productivity, accuracy and sheet utilisation, ensuring high-quality and low cost fabricated components. The SGe Series technology is fully servo electric in both the punch press and shear functions.  

Key features of Shear Genius SGe Series turret punch presses:  

  • Updated servo electric turret punch press features right angle shear with a servo electric actuation system 
  • Productivity is increased thanks to fast and fully controlled shear movement 
  • Integrated automatic loading, part removal and sorting functions 
  • Optimised tool changes and various auxiliary times minimised for best production output 
  • Automatic clearance setting of blades maintains high parts service quality 
  • 5-15% higher output compared to hydraulic models 
  • New Tulus operating system offers online simulation view for follow-up and restart 
  • Integrated tool library with NC Express programming and servo electric punch for easy and fast tool set up 
  • Suitable for agile one-piece production through to full-scale mass production 
  • Can be operated as versatile, high-performance turret punch presses 
  • Fast setup, high tool capacity and convenient manual loading and unloading 
  • Can also be integrated with a simple raw material storage 
  • Functions as a central unit in a Prima Power Flexible Manufacturing System (PSBB or Night Train FMS)    
Prima Power’s sheet metal fabrication machines are also available in Australia through Maxitec

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