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Maxitec offers JETCAM CrossTrack software suite for sheetmetal fabrication

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Maxitec  offers JETCAM CrossTrack software suite designed for complete order tracking in real-time for fabricators.

Made available in Australia and New Zealand by Maxitec, the JETCAM CrossTrack software suite is developed for automatic order processing with real time tracking of materials in sheetmetal fabrication.

The order processing software tracks materials, material life, orders, nests, plies/components and kits in real time with a single point of reference for users ready to advance from JETCAM Orders Control (JOC).

CrossTrack software is designed to meet the demands of both sheet and roll cutting, and specifically targets problems faced by today’s high end composite manufacturers such as the aerospace and auto racing sectors to maximise use of expensive raw materials.

Companies in North America and Europe already using CrossTrack are benefiting from a massive reduction in the reliance on paper while gaining much greater accuracy.

Developed especially to resolve the complex issue of managing orders, materials, nests, parts/plies and kits, the CrossTrack application delivers critical traceability by giving complete visibility from the initial material, tracking the order, all individual elements and through to the finished part.

Information once entered is carried electronically through the system, enabling real-time access to live order, material and nest data across the network.

CrossTrack provides a single point of reference for all manufacturing data to any staff member who needs to check the remaining life of a given material, queue orders for nesting, check machine availability or build comprehensive reports.

Allowing tight integration into the JETCAM Expert CAM and Nesting system, the software also produces and manages highly optimised static or dynamic nests.

CrossTrack is a manufacturing software suite running on an SQL database that delivers automatic order processing together with real-time tracking of materials, nests and kits/assemblies.

Orders for either individual parts/plies or complete kits/assemblies can be passed to JETCAM Expert for automatic nesting while CrossTrack provides live tracking and status of all orders, materials, plies and kits.

JOC2 uses the same SQL database structure as CrossTrack, and offers a smooth upgrade path to full CrossTrack capabilities such as material life management and kitting. JOC2 and CrossTrack cannot be run simultaneously on the same database.

Key benefits of JETCAM CrossTrack software suite:

  • Greater visibility of orders/ material stock/ nests/ machine workloads
  • Full traceability
  • Reduction of errors Increased time savings
  • Reduces or eliminates use of paper
  • Availability of live data across the network allows staff to work from the same information
  • Barcode or RFID entry removes the possibility of error, and eliminates the need to enter data in different systems
  • Can be used as a standalone system or integrated to existing data systems with little or no learning curve
  • JETCAM’s RCP allows companies to move to true dynamic nesting using JETCAM’s high performance nesting
Core Sections

All Core Stations require JETCAM Expert Premium with Nesting Interface. These include: 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Station for composites or sheetmetal fabrication activities not requiring material life management
  • Composite Product Manufacturing Station for composite products manufacturing requiring kit and life management. Includes all the functionality of Advanced Manufacturing Station
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Station for sheet metal fabrication not requiring material life management or advanced kit/ assembly management

Additional stations


Apart from the core modules that deliver the main functionality of CrossTrack, several additional modules provide unique functions at specific locations within the manufacturing facility.

The optional modules including Material Receiving Station, Advanced Material Transfer Station, Material Transfer Station, Shop Floor Station and Management Viewer Station, each require at least one core module.

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