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Maxitec introduces the JETCAM JETTerm DNC Terminal Software

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Available from Maxitec , JETCAM JETTerm DNC Terminal Software provides comprehensive DNC facilities whilst simultaneously functioning as a nest reporting and component identification system for a customer’s shop floor. JETTerm offers machine operators a simple interface at the shop floor itself, delivering an innovative set of DNC, part identification and reporting tools.

The JETTerm DNC terminal software enables customers to transfer output files through either a serial IO connection or file transfer (if a PC is available). The user at the machine tool can send serial download requests for NC files using the integrated Remote Download facility. JETTerm can also manage a number of serial NC downloads at the same time and displays real-time download status on screen for each machine serial connection.

The DNC terminal software now features the same reporting engine feature din JETCAM Orders Controller making customised reporting interchangeable between the applications. It is also compatible with existing JETCAM Expert FMS (nest) report files, enabling operators to instantly create reports for all existing nests.

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