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Kuhlmeyer ZBS grinding and polishing machines for glossy finish available from Maxitec

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Fabricators of stainless-steel products have always placed high importance on aesthetics, yet many inexplicably refuse to analyse the cost and futility of using angle grinders, hand held polishers and similar equipment to remove weld protrusion and other undesired surface finishes.

Stainless-steel is expensive and it is easy to damage its surface integrity. This results in product wastage and sometimes entire orders are returned for a remake. The main problem that evolves from hand grinding and polishing is the difficulty to control the amount of metal removed. Once too much metal has been removed a resulting dish effect becomes apparent and no amount of further polishing is able to make this good.

Grinding as a step in final preparation opens the doors to various risk factors, but this can be stopped in a simple way by replacing disc and angle-grinding equipment and procedures with a machine made for such applications.

Kuhlmeyer ZBS is a specialised machine for grinding and polishing metal surfaces and welds to achieve standardised, high quality finishes while eliminating potential for human error and improving OH&S conditions. The company that distributes Kuhlmeyer ZBS throughout Australia and New Zealand, Maxitec , believe that angle grinders, hand held polishers and similar cutting wheel applications will disappear from the market.

According to Andrew Bentrup, Sales and Marketing Manager, Maxitec, grinding comes in at the end of all other processes such as slitting, bending, cutting and punching, and any mistakes or wastage at this point in production costs the business a lot of money. The Kuhlmeyer ZBS never becomes tired, would not slip on the floor, strain or put in harm’s way and all the while will constantly perform grinds without blemishing even sensitive surfaces.

The quality of the finished product reflects on the business. A finished product with a slight blemish may be overlooked once or twice by a client, but it may impact the company badly.

Kuhlmeyer ZBS allows a gloss finish, therefore a better return which perhaps can translate into a higher yield for the manufacturer. Cost savings, less rejects, better consistency and a better foundation to paint work makes matters simple.

With two parallel running grinding belts one for coarse grinding and the other for fine finishing it is possible to process work pieces in one clamping position using a Kuhlmeyer ZBS. A triangle design of the grinding head ensures an open working space for the operator to inspect the grinding result and to work in safety.

A handling device equipped with vacuum clamping makes the Kuhlmeyer ZBS a flexible universal long belt grinding machine for the grinding of all sides on multiple any shaped components. Special belt drive geometry and pneumatic belt tensioning ensures the flexing of the belts up to 90° to the front and to the rear. Therefore, corner weld seams, contours or smoothing can be processed and done easily.

Twin-belt-grinding machines equipped with automatic tool and table movement and a PLC are capable to process in automatic mode doors, sheets or heating elements. To grind pillars, struts, square pipes and facade components, the twin-belt-grinding machine can be offered in a jig arm (C-Frame machine stands) type.

Kuhlmeyer ZBS belt grinding machines also process big and bulky work pieces. These machines are suitable for graining and finishing surfaces, or dress weld seams in automatic and manual operations.

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