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E5x servo electric turret press gives fabricator more flexibility, accuracy and speed

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article image E5x cuts the time at Servgas Sheet Metal

An E5x servo electric turret press made by Prima Power and available in Australia through Maxitec is allowing contract manufacturer Servgas Sheet Metal to choose the desired processing speed.

Servgas Sheet Metal is a contract manufacturer of production housing for electrical components such as alarm systems, instantaneous hot water heaters and other general work.

While most fabricators search for faster speed in processing, this company can afford to choose the pace at which it works, thanks to the E5x.

Managing Director, Mr Adam Veitch explains that the company chooses its processing speed for a specific reason when processing basic sheet metal parts, boxes and hot water covers from steel, aluminium and copper for the security industry and office fitouts.

For instance, the E5x servo electric turret press is deliberately run a little slower so that the sheets can be cleaned before loading, and the work progresses without any stress. If the job requires the process to run the machine at full speed at all times, it will run very quickly and deliver seriously high output.

Sourced in Australia through Maxitec, the E5x servo electric turret press made by Prima Power (formerly trading as Finn Power) replaced Servgas’ ageing Finn Power TP200 as part of the company’s expansion.

According to Mr Veitch, the biggest benefit is the potential speed of the machine. In addition to greater stability unlike the old machine, control of ram and depth is much more pronounced now.

Ease of operation on the E5x is another advantage and it takes operators just a little bit of training to familiarise themselves with the machine.

Servgas is currently equipped to double their speed, helping the company to be prepared for new contracts and higher demand.

As a contract manufacturer of production housing for electrical components, Servgas Sheet Metal has scope to absorb orders across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Servgas works with sheets ranging between 0.7mm and 3mm performing all the punching, folding, pressing, etching and grading that might be required in addition to the in-house powder coating.

Being a jobbing shop, the company executes a lot of work for joinery shops in addition to their own manufacturing work.

The E5x is a compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press manufactured by leading global developer Prima Power.

Mr Veitch appreciates the E5x’s speed and accuracy with forming as well as versatility with indexing. The electric turret punch press has integrated seamlessly into their operation and is used for a lot of different jobs.

The E5x unit is a fixed station design that goes very fast and punches any angles, and is particularly good when punching stainless steel without the jamming issues of the previous machine.

The easy-to-use software takes care of most of the work. Standard tool arrangements on the new equipment also eliminate the need to change tools a lot. The electric turret punch press offers quiet operation.

Key features of the E5x servo electric turret punch presses:

  • Eliminates the bulk, noise and vibration issues of hydraulics by using servo-electric punching technology
  • Offers programmable punch modes, stepless adjustment of speed and position, and accurate forming 
  • Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs
  • Compact 1250mm x 2500mm working area that requires no repositioning of the job piece
  • High accuracy and productivity while operating in a tight workspace footprint
  • Scribe tool provided for etching and engraving in high-level design work
  • Single water-cooled servo motor operates on a ball screw for linear movement and a pneumatic RAM return movement
  • Fast punching speed fully adjustable in both directions
  • Closed-circuit water cooling allows operation in high ambient temperatures
  • Pneumatic clamps with central locking and sheet security monitoring centres provide fast setup
  • Handles a maximum sheet weight of 200kg and maximum sheet thickness of 8mm with brush tables
  • Optional lifting brushes provide extra safety for sensitive materials
  • Optional vertically moving sheet supports allow heavy sheets to be moved on the table surface easily during loading
  • Metal sheet support at table edge facilitates loading of heavy or large sheets
  • Plastic brush table segments are provided around the turret
  • Simplified sheet loading assisted by a 5-position moving table for all sheet sizes
  • Turret with 20 stations offers customisation
  • Total number of tools can be increased to more than 100 by adding Multi-Tool stations
  • Easy touch screen operation, standard Windows functions, USB port and 100Mbs Ethernet for data transfer as standard


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