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Bruce Lawson returns to Maxi-CUBE

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article image Bruce Lawson with one of his beloved Maxi-CUBE trailers

Bruce Lawson is the NSW Maxi-CUBE Product Manager at the SX Trailers head office in Chipping Norton.
He recently returned to his position at SX Trailers within a week of leaving for a new challenge at another organisation.
South African born Bruce Lawson joined SX in 2009 as Maxi-CUBE Product Manager where his responsibilities included selling Maxi-CUBE refrigerated and dry freight vans to key customers, dealing with customers for special product requests and performing as a liaison between customers, other SX Trailers area sales managers and the Maxi-CUBE factory. Bruce initially looked after the Sydney metro region before success in the role saw it being expanded to the entire state.
In late 2012, Bruce accepted a role with a transport company in the search for new challenges. However, he soon returned to his old position at SX within a week when he started missing the job, which had come to define him over the previous three years.
Back with Maxi-CUBE and now a proud Australian citizen, Bruce says he can’t picture himself anywhere else. With a new perspective on his career, Bruce describes his greatest achievement as converting a major customer supplying two of the country’s largest supermarket chains from using solely a competitor’s product to now buying Maxi-CUBEs predominantly.
Bruce believes that their ability to customise the Maxi-CUBE product to suit the customer application was the primary reason for the achievement. He also pointed out SX’s close relationship with the Maxi-CUBE factory that has a large team of engineers able to meet just about any requirement.
Bruce’s role has also brought him his fair share of excitement. One of his favourite stories is how he one day ended up in a helicopter with a client flying over Lawrence Hargrave Drive directing a photographer as they shot photos of some of his trailers. He observes that it is this kind of customer passion, which makes Maxi-CUBE special.

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