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Matthews Intelligent Identification upgrade production lines at Schweppes Australia

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Soft drink manufacturer, Schweppes need reliability in their plant, and reliability and support in their suppliers. When upgrading production lines, they again worked with Matthews Intelligent Identification .

Following upgradation was done at the Schweppes production lines:

  • Need for SSCC labels on opposite sides of each pallet
  • ALS performed top in a matrix of contenders
  • Ability for fully networkable coding system
  • Integration includes equipments, such as panel PCs

Schweppes Australia hold nearly a quarter of the carbonated soft drink market, with a portfolio consisting of owned and franchised brands, including Schweppes, Solo, Spring Valley, Cool Ridge and Cottee's, and the local licence to make Pepsi and Gatorade.

Typical of FMCG production, Schweppes need reliability in every aspect of its filling lines. They also need to meet their customers’ coding requests. A year ago, the company upgraded 2L and 1.25L PET lines. According to Ian Houlder, Senior Project Engineering Manager, Schweppes, Schweppes needed to comply with their customers’ requirements, with regard to SSCC and having labels applied on opposite sides of a pallet.

Schweppes already have a number of Fox IV units installed from Matthews Intelligent Identification in both SSCC and TUN applications. Schweppes then did a full review of Avery units (supplied by Matthews Intelligent Identification), along with equipment from three other vendors.

Schweppes have installed 28 ALS 204s from Matthews two per filling line in seven factories, across five states; each printer is positioned just after the packing machine. The ability to integrate the Matthews Intelligent Identification equipment into a networkable coding system was the feature. It also has some future scope for Schweppes.

According to Mark Dingley, Manager, Identification Systems Group (iDS Group), Matthews Intelligent Identification, a key tool that differentiates Matthews is its iDS Group, iDS’s software-development methodology and Matthews Intelligent Identification integration and automation capabilities.

Many brands in the market utilise components that customers find in the office PCs and/or laptops. For instance, many cheaper brands use hard drives that come straight out of laptops, with a touch screen put on the front of them. They simply do not hold up in production environments. However, Matthews Intelligent Identification having worked with Beckhoff Automation on many occasions, they took the opportunity to install this brand into Schweppes, along with the Avery ALSs.

Ian Houlder’s position means the plant is his customer as well. From a project standpoint, he must ensure he gets the best suppliers, support and reliability, before handing over to operations. Schweppes’ retail customers want traceability, hence require two readable barcodes on each case. Matthews Intelligent Identification will be on stand 170 at Auspack.

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