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Widegap plate heat exchangers launched into Australia

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Matrix Process Solutions has introduced a new range of widegap plate heat exchangers into the Australian market.

Industry in Australia has long used tube and shell heat exchangers for heat transfer applications that involved media with particles, fibrous inclusions and other suspended solids, believing that plate heat exchangers would become blocked during operation.

The new patented Alfa Laval widegap plate heat exchangers offer several advantages including lower energy consumption, superior heat transfer, stainless steel construction, simple assembly and lightweight design.

Lower Energy Consumption

The counter-current flow design makes it possible to achieve much closer temperature approaches between the hot and cold media, reducing the overall energy requirement for the same duty by a tube and shell heat exchanger by as much as 35% in some applications.

Superior Heat Transfer

The widegap plate heat exchanger’s unique and patented herring bone design improves heat transfer due to the turbulence generated within the unit.

Materials of Construction

The new widegap plate heat exchangers feature stainless steel construction with other corrosion-resistant materials also available for difficult applications. Gaskets are available in a variety of compounds such as EPDM, Nitrile and other elastomers to maximise the service interval.

Easy Assembly

A unique 5-point alignment system ensures precise and consistent sealing throughout the plate pack by providing exact positioning in the horizontal and vertical axis.


Filled with process media, a widegap plate heat exchanger is up to 80% lighter than a comparable tube and shell unit.

The first unit has already been installed in Australia as a pasteuriser into a juice processing facility for both apple and a very fibrous orange juice product with great success. The client is enjoying energy savings and the footprint is 25% of a comparable tube and shell unit.

Matrix Process Solutions offers complete consultation, design, installation and commissioning services, along with programmed maintenance solutions to the food, beverage, personal care, brewery, sugar and pharmaceutical industries in Australia.

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