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PD 340 flow transmitters from Matrix Process Solutions are precision meters used for volumetric measurement of liquids with a certain degree of electrical conductivity.

PD 340 flow transmitters are well suited for use in the food industry and in other applications that require a hygienic design together with easy cleaning. 

The design of this flow transmitter allows measurement of liquids containing solid particles while the integrated micro processor monitors the function of the transmitter.

The PD 340 flow transmitter unit is water proof to protection class IP 67 and consists of a meter unit, electronic module and terminal box. The electronic module and the terminal box are identical for all sizes.

The meter unit of the flow transmitter is comprised of a stainless steel tube mounted with magnetic coils on the outside and two electrodes on the inside. When an electric current is applied to the coils a magnetic field is produced through the metering tube and when a conductive liquid is flowing through the tube an electrical voltage is induced over the measuring electrodes.

This voltage is independent of viscosity and of the flow profile of the liquid (laminar or turbulent). Furthermore it is always proportional to the volumetric flow calculated by the integrated micro processor. When using an external Pt-100 detector (DIN 43760), the liquid temperature can be measured.  

The metering tube of the flow transmitter is coated with Teflon (FEP) on the inside and is fitted with clamp connections.

The electronic module of the flow transmitter is available in standard and extended versions and are both fitted with two pulse outputs.

The standard version electronic module can be directly connected to a display unit while one of the outputs on the extended version of the module can be converted to an analogue output, 4-20 mA.

In the meterunit and the electronic module of the flow transmitter the sensitive electronic is completely embedded and consequently hermetically sealed.

The terminals of the terminal box are clearly marked with both number and function and they are equipped with 3 PG-11 cable glands.

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