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New sanitary heat exchangers for heating and cooling beverages released

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Matrix Process Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of sanitary heat exchangers specially designed for pasteurising and general cooling/heating of beverages, dairy, brewery and viscous products, as well as utilities.

All heat exchanger models feature a proven, reliable, compact and hygienic design that will deliver the required performance for the long term.

Heat exchangers are devices specifically designed for the efficient transfer of heat from one fluid to another fluid over a solid surface through absorption or dissipation of heat. Heat exchangers are found in everyday equipment from boilers, furnaces and refrigerators to air conditioning systems.

Being a heat transfer device, the heat exchanger is required to transfer heat with maximum efficiency, making it the ultimate device of choice for saving energy, for instance, when recovering wasted heat for reuse.

Matrix Process Solutions offers four types of heat exchangers, each with its own unique advantages for specific applications.

Gasketted Plate Heat Exchangers

Gasketted plate heat exchangers from Matrix Process Solutions are designed to deliver very high levels of product safety, while helping to achieve cost-effective production. The plates are available in a wide selection of geometries and patterns for different applications, and are also supplied in a choice of materials including stainless steel, SMO and titanium.

Key features and benefits include glueless clip-on gaskets allowing quick and easy replacement onsite with the plates hanging in the frames; food grade gaskets can be delivered in a range of materials (NBR, EPDM) for different temperatures and applications; units held together by sturdy, pressure graded frames; and all frames offering great flexibility for expanding and rebuilding the plate heat exchangers.

Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers from Alfa Laval offer the perfect solution for heating water or producing steam. Manufactured according to DIN ISO9001 certification, the plate heat exchangers feature components made of stainless steel material 1.4401, and brazed in vacuum furnace using 100% copper filler material. The units are manufactured according to Directive 97/23/ EC, AFS 1999:4, pressure tested with air, and leakage tested with helium.

Tubular Heat Exchangers


The Pharma-X tube in tubular heat exchangers has been developed for the pharmaceutical industry where there is a requirement for a high quality sanitary heat exchanger for point of use cooling with no risk of contamination between the product and the cooling media. Pharma-X heat exchangers find application in point of use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains; cooling/heating of pure water in the pharmaceutical industry; and cooling/heating of distilled water/WFI for processing equipment.


A high-quality shell and tube heat exchanger, Pharma-line has also been developed to meet the high hygienic demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The design of the Pharma-line makes it easy to drain and clean, eliminating any risk of cross contamination associated with conventional heat exchangers. Being flexible in design, size and material, the heat exchanger is ideal for any demanding sanitary application such as point of use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains; heating of WFI; product cooling; and condensing.

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