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How much are your motors costing you?

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article image ABB’s electric motors are designed to reduce operating costs for businesses

Motors from ABB don’t come cheap; however, purchase price is only a miniscule part of the lifetime cost attributed to electric motors. Not many people are aware that an electric motor in a 24/7 operation can use, in power alone, up to 12 times its purchase value in the first year. That's equivalent to the cost of a new motor every month for the rest of its life, without even factoring in additional costs for maintenance and repair.

ABB is focussed more on producing quality motors with a reliable, high efficiency design that reduces energy costs, eliminates breakdowns, and saves money for the user over the motor’s lifetime.

ABB continues to invest in developing and producing a better product with even higher levels of performance such as the ‘Process Performance’ motors that are particularly suited to demanding 24/7 operations, where end users cannot afford loss of production through breakdowns.

Featuring a reduced operating temperature, these motors are able to deliver greater reliability and a much longer service life. These motors are backed by a 3-year warranty.

ABB’s electric motors are designed to reduce operating costs for users, helping businesses become more competitive in the market. These savings can be further enhanced with the use of an ABB variable speed drive, which not only offers the benefit of improved control of the process, but also allows for better efficiency at lower speeds, driving down energy costs even more.

Manufacturing AC variable speed drives since the mid-70s, ABB uses patented technology today to produce the most technologically advanced drives on the market. An ABB motor and drive package gives customers the added security of compatibility.

Matrix Process Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of motors and drives in the world.     

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