Silo and Hopper Discharge Valves for Powder Handling


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Powder Handling Systems
Matcon supply an extensive range of Silo and Hopper Discharger Valves ranging from 50kg/110lbs to 10,000tonne capacity, with outlet diameters ranging from 200mm/8".These silo and hopper discharger valves operate in a  pulsing and vibration action, making it ideal for bulk powder handling solutions.

Features of Matcon's Powder Handling Equipment

  • Dischargers:
    • Promotes complete discharge
    • Overcomes bridging, ratholes, flushing and segregation
    • Promotes mass flo
  • Feeders:
    • Controlled flow
    • Accurate dosing
    • Gravimetric or volumetric
    • Eliminates the need for secondary feeder
  • Valves:
    • Fail safe shut off of material flow

Benefits of the Discharger Valves for Powder Handling

  • Matcon's Cone Valve technology offers unrivalled performance in bulk solids and powder handling
  • Promotes discharge of even the most difficult materials from free flowing and flushing to cohesive
  • Round, square or rectangular configurations to fit new or existing IBCs and silos
  • Dust tight with no flexible connections conforming to COSHH, DIN and FDA regulations
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