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Powder Handling and Packing Systems
Lean Powder Packing Systems from Matron offer versatile, flexible and quality assured sieving and metal detection. Other benefits include:

  • Compact, easy to clean high speed sieving
  • Versatile inline metal detection
  • From operator controlled to automated high speed FFS (Form Fill Seal) systems
Matron Lean Powder Handling and Packing System Features and Benefits
Direct Bin to Bag with NO additional feeding equipment

  • 1-2 bags / minute (25kg)
  • 10kg - 25kg filling range
  • Typically 50 - 100g accuracy
  • Typical dry cleandown, 10 min
Gravity feed from IBC to bag Via Auger Filler
  • 2-4 bags / minute (25kg)
  • 25g - 25kg filling range
  • Single gram accuracy possible
  • Typical dry cleandown, 20 min
  • B2B or consumer packing
Why Use Matron Intermediate Bulk Containers for your Powder Packing?
  • Guaranteed solids flow
  • Minimum investment - maximum output
  • Easy to clean, SMED
  • Mix and pack in parallel
  • Invest today - plan for the future
  • Optimise your 'Takt-time'
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