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Containment Transfer System Applications
The Matcon IBC containment transfer system is part of the distinctive Matcontainer range of equipment designed to assist with:

  • Processing solids
  • Storing solids and
  • Distributing solids
Containment Transfer Systems Features and Benefits
The CTS facilitates the automatic transfer process of contained materials from either bulk storage or process vessels to Matcon intermediate bulk containers without the user having to remove and replace lids. Other features and benefits include:
  • High containment IBC filling device
  • Fully automated operation raises/lowers the CTS and removes/replaces the IBC lid without operator involvement
  • Clean In Place and nitrogen purge available as options
  • The Containment Transfer Systems has been created to ensure that the highest standards for hygiene, safety and maintenance are met.
  • CTS meets the increasing demands for containment throughout filling process for a number of applications, including the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries
  • The CTS is fully automated and controlled by a programmable logic controller or interlocked with the Matcon controller with a local operated interface panel
  • When confirmation of docking is made the CTS opens the IBC lid, which makes it easier for product transfer.
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