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Mastercut Technologies uses the most advanced Solder Paste Stencil cutting technology to provide stencils of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

Increase SMT process reliability

Mastercut Technologies uses the most advanced stencil cutting technology developed by the German company, LPKF.

The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils.

Benefits include

  • Positional tolerance typically <15 microns across the print area
  • Direct data use ensures the highest precision
  • Minimises re-work for fine-pitch components
  • Smooth tapered aperture walls ensure easy release of the solder paste. All laser-cut stencils are electro-polished to give a wall roughness typically <3 microns
  • Electro-polishing also passivates the stencil material, giving maximum protection from the elements while the stencil is in storage
  • Mastercut Technologies laser-cut stencils maximise return by reducing printing errors, re-work and rejects

Available shim thicknesses include

  • 0.080 (3thou)
  • 0.100 (4thou)
  • 0.127 (5thou)
  • 0.154 (6thou)

Framed Stencils

  • Large frame 736 x 736mm (29 x 29”) extruded aluminium 38 x 38mm
  • Small frame 584 x 584 (23 x 23”) extruded aluminium 25 x 38mm
  • Custom sizes also available

Other Available Stencils

  • Quickplate
  • Shim Only
  • Prototype (less than 1,000 apertures)
  • Re-work
Mastercut Technologies can provide technical support for supply of stencils. Direct data transfer by email for a quick turnaround, with next day delivery available. Mastercut Technologies information and contact details

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