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Maser Dekabon- The choice for lead free cables

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With growing concern over the environmental and health issues related to lead, end users are searching for a responsible alternative to lead sheathed cables without comprising the long term reliability of their cable. This concern has led a Victorian Oil Refinery to DEKABON, Dekoron’s innovative and more environmentally friendly alternative to lead sheath technology, avialable from Maser Communications .

“The refinery wanted to source a lead free cable and were surprised when Maser offered a relatively in-expensive solution” says Maser Communications General Manager, Matt Young. “The client had the impression that environmental responsibility would come at a cost however DEKABON provides economic benefits beginning from the cost of the cable and continuing through to installation. When you consider that DEKABON is available as instrumentation, control or thermocouple cable and can be ordered in as little as 300m, you would have to ask why any end user is still using a lead sheathed product”.

The DEKABON lead free cable design is based on the use of the hermetically sealed patented copolymer coated Aluminium tape, bonded to a polymer over-sheath.

Main features and benefits of the lead free cables:

  • Corrosion resistance of lead free cables – Patented co-polymer, which forms a critical part of the bonded or laminate construction, prevents aluminium from chemical attack, prevents corrosion and provides extended service life versus bare metal sheaths.
  • Mechanical properties of lead free cables – DEKABON technology, Co-polymer – Aluminium – Polymer Sheath, combines the properties of the different materials and generates a synergistic effect where strength of shielding tape is combined with flexibility of polymer. 
  • Electrical properties of the lead free cable design – Aluminium tape closely matches screening effectiveness of 2mm thick lead, while external steel armour improves reduction factor values.

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