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Dialight introduces new LED lighting technology

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New LED lighting technology has been introduced by Dialight, represted by Maser Communications,  to aviation-related applications, offering tower side lights and flashing beacons for marking fences, radio and television towers, cellular antennas and other structures that present hazards to aircraft navigation.

The lights are ETL certified to FAA L-810 specifications (AC 150/5345-43) and comply with ICAO Annex 14 and MIL-C-7989. Recently, this light also passed Australia CASA type standards and obtained certification.
Dialight’s LED technology offers a range of lighting products that operate over a broad voltage range from 12VDC through 220VAC, designed (retrofit) primarily to replace incandescent lights in existing installations, and they look no difference from the present incandescent lights, inside it features high-flux LEDs that use 90 per cent less energy and last up to 10 times longer, extending replacement intervals and reducing maintenance costs.
Dialight obstruction light provides light output in accordance with FAA, ICAO & CASA requirements. It dissipates heat from optimum LED performance and the epoxy encapsulation of the LED provides a primary light beam, and a separate assembly Fresnel lens to concentrate the light horizontally provides 360-degree visibility. This light also come with three upward high power shinning LEDs, which are viewable from above.
The LED Obstruction light is resistant to static charges and lightning strikes. Protection against lightning strikes and power line surges is affected by ferrite cores on power interfaces, proper grounding and shielding, and proprietary protection techniques.

The radiation of internally generated spurious RF signals is prevented by shielding the encapsulated power supply. This makes the new LED obstruction light suitable for receiving installation where high sensitivity receivers are in use.
Dialight's patented obstruction lighting system and high-flux LED technology has resulted in the development of the world's first LED based L-810 Class1, Division 2 certified fixture for obstruction marking of structures in hazardous environments.

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