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Software helps machinery manufacturer maintain profits

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article image Software managed activity of some 900,000 job tickets.

AMID what industry analysts have described as the harshest economic circumstances in decades, Unibar Engineering has managed to maintain profits and productivity regardless of the economic climate.

Unibar, based in the Queensland town of Bundaberg, has efficiently maintained its business, manufacturing general equipment like slashers, graders and chippers alongside its specialised agricultural machinery range.

While many of its competitors have struggled, Unibar revamped its paper-based shop floor activity by implementing touchscreen-operated ManuSoft Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) software to manage activity of some 900,000 job tickets through its system since 1997.

Unibar production manager Steve Bugden said, for the company's production practices, it had been like stepping out from the dark ages into the modern era to rank among the best of the best.

"Previously we were sustaining production purely through handwritten job tickets, and often the information was coming straight out of the manager's head at the time," said Mr Bugden

"Under the circumstances he did as well as he could but I don't know how anyone kept track of things.

"As we produce 50-200 job tickets per whole good order, the amount of job tickets moving through the system simultaneously is immense considering 20-30 whole good orders are in place at any one time."

Employing 32 factory staff, Unibar has now installed the latest version of ManuSoft to cover all aspects of its business apart from payroll duties.

This upgrade coincides with the company's recent move back into the realm of private ownership after spending time as a share listed entity.

Unibar uses ManuSoft to oversee ordering, purchasing, customer order, dispatch, anything with invoices.

ManuSoft DRC maintains the busy schedule clinically by recommending stock purchases to match jobs, operates and controls the production lines, slots each and every job into the schedule, functions across various integrated process lines, prices and invoices jobs, and even works out time taken per employee on each run.

It is modular and covers the complete range of manufacturing activities from job quoting, through production control, stock and inventory control and onto product dispatch.

Through ManuSoft B2B, user companies can even monitor their entire supply chain in real time under firewall security.

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