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Manitou unveils new articulated forklifts

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Manitou has launched a new generation of articulated site forklifts.

The new lift trucks are part of its EMA II range, which includes seven new models that have been designed to maximise site storage capacity. 

"With the extension of its articulated eletric site forklift series, the Manitou Group continues to enhance its expertise in industrial markets," Louise Laumet, Manitou's marketing manager, stated. 

"[These new forklifts are] a direct response to users' needs for storage capacity optimisation. The EMA II can comfortably work in very narrow lanes with a working height of over 12 meters," she said. 

The articulated electric site forklifts in the EMA II range can be used both for storage indoors and outdoors to unload trucks. This means the operators can avoid two separate load manipulations and reduce overall handling costs. 

The range includes the EMA II 13, 17, 20, 18 High Lift 1 and 2, and the EMA II 20 Heavy Duty 1 and 2. They have lifting capacities of between 1300 kilograms and 2000 kilograms, and lifting heights of between 7.62 meters through to 12.72 metres for the High Lift versions of the forklifts. Manitou's new range can operate both indoor and outdoor due to a high ground clearance, unattached front axle, and four soft tyres. 

It's narrow design also helps operators, with Laumet stating that "the articulated design of the EMA II range and its ability to work in narrow lanes enables us to help our client optimise their storage area".

"By reducing the width of their lanes they can increase their vertical storage capacity by 45 per cent - the EMA II is therefore the perfect solution thanks to its compact size and lifting height." 

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