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Looking for supply chain management software? Consider a combined approach with Mainpac 2011

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article image CMMS and EAM systems focus only on asset and resource management, whereas Mainpac 2011 takes a 'whole of life' approach
In a recent series, Ferret.com.au discussed a range of supply chain management software packages, detailing solutions for a variety of different industrial applications.

Depending on the requirements of a given facility, this sort of piecemeal approach to software adoption may be entirely appropriate, but where manufacturers and distributors are looking for an extensive software package that covers all processes within a business, a solution such as Mainpac 2011 should be considered.

Now, conventional Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) focus on asset maintenance activities, providing functions such as:
  • record keeping
  • tracking
  • maintenance planning
  • work orders
  • scheduling; and
  • cost management.
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems extend this model to include resource management such as labour, subcontractors, materials, tools and equipment by incorporating integrated inventory and purchasing capabilities.

These approaches, however, only address one stage of the multi-stage asset lifecycle. The virtue of the Mainpac 2011 software suite is that it provides a comprehensive 'whole of life' framework that is designed to enable organisations to manage asset performance from asset acquisition through to retirement.

The software consists of a core set of asset management capabilities, which are complimented by a selection of optional modules that can be adopted by customers to best suit their operational, financial and planning requirements.

Mainpac 2011 core components include:
  • operational views
  • operational assets
  • work orders
  • labour and resource management
  • inventory
  • purchasing
  • operational dashboards
  • customisable reporting; and
  • auditing tools.
Optional modules include:
  • Mainpac Asset Intelligence
  • Financial Assets
  • External Work Order Request
  • Work Safety
  • Mainpac for Project Client; and
  • Mainpac Connect.
The Mainpac Asset Intelligence module is designed to provide unparalleled visibility of all aspects of the asset life cycle. This enables executive management to monitor key performance indicators, and gain insights into areas where productivity and reliability can be improved.

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