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article image Applications include a wide range of sludge and slurry dewatering applications.

SERNAGIOTTO Technologies SPA, represented in Australia by Magytec International , has released a belt press filter for sludge dewatering.

Belt press filters are applied to a wide range of sludge and slurry dewatering applications and different applications require differently designed belt press filters. A belt press filter works with two permeable filter belts and generally includes four process steps. These are flocculation, free water gravity drainage, low-pressure dewatering and high-pressure dewatering. For best performance these process steps need to be optimised for a particular application. The CMF allows different modules to be used to satisfy this requirement.

Modular sections can be selected to suit application.

For the flocculation step, a range of flocculation and mixing devices are available, including static and mechanical mixers. A variety of feed and mixing chambers are also available from flocculation to the press. In the gravity drainage section options include various lengths of the section and devices for assisting the drainage including ploughs and distribution plates. In the medium and high-pressure sections the number and size of the pressure rolls can be selected.

CMF belt press can be shipped in a container and are delivered in major assembly modular form. Shipping in a container minimises the risk of transport damage and reduces the amount of site assembly required for large presses. Sizes available are 1.2m, 2m and 3m belt working widths. The system can handle up to 120m3/h.

The standard frame finish is hot dip galvanised steel. Etch priming is available over the galvanising and a further multicoat paint finish is available to provide long service life. The frame is made from substantial steel sections, creating a rigid framework.

The belt press has a pneumatic proportional filter belt alignment system and pneumatic belt tensioning.

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