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Magnum Australia  build specialist water tanks and ancillary equipment to fit all major brands of trucks for all applications.

The design tanks’ capacities range from 2,000 to 160,000 litres. The vessels are designed to comply with the truck frame manufacturers’ specifications and supplied to the customer with an expansive range of options.  

Each water tank is custom designed to suit the specific vehicle model, providing maximum capacity and maximum stability to standard vehicle front and rear axle loading, thus ensuring full warranty as per vehicle manufacturer's specifications.          

Magnum's unique internal baffle design combines their barrel anti-surge structure with cross baffling to ensure water tank stability. Individual inspection manholes in each section of the tank are standard to permit routine physical checks on the internal lining. Eliminating water surge when the vehicle is in motion and maintaining the vehicles lowest centre of gravity optimises vehicle safety, operator confidence and speed of operation.   

The Magnum water tank is specially designed to tailor fit onto the vehicle brand of the customer's choice, making it look and travel as part of the actual vehicle. Magnum designs the vessel to provide maximum volume (litre) with maximum stability to standard truck front and rear axle loading as well as looking aesthetically complete. All of this means no two (2) water tanks of differing models and capacities are the same. Magnum does not adopt the philosophy of "one size fits all".

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