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New MAGNATTACK RE80 pressure liquid pipeline magnets

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article image WJB Engineering MAGNATTACK RE80 pressure liquid pipeline magnets

Specialising in magnetic separation solutions for metal fragment control in the food industry, WJB Engineering has had a breakthrough in the development of efficient magnetic separation for liquid lines with its MAGNATTACK RE80 pressure liquid pipeline magnets, produced to effectively extract magnetic fragments in both viscous and non viscous liquid food products.

Designed to also efficiently extract work hardened stainless steel and stone particulates, the high grate endorsed Magnattack RE80 pressure liquid pipeline magnets can be used for product protection against metal fragment problems, product complaints and protections of expensive equipment such as extruders, pumps and homogenisers against metal fragment damage.

An estimation of approximately 65 installations of Magnattack Pressure liquid pipeline line magnetic separation solutions have been completed across Australia and New Zealand, according to WJB Engineering.

Made to suit various sizes of pipelines from 1” through to 8”, the RE80 magnetic elements inside the pressure liquid pipeline magnets are of a high temperature grade, for product or cip temperatures up to 150ºC). To add, the liquid pipeline magnets can be installed in either pressure or suction lines and are supplied with wetted parts of 316 (or special alloys for highly corrosive products).

In the past, operators have had to contend with multiple bars on pot style magnets, which are extremely difficult to clean, The Magnattack liquid line 10,000 gauss magnet system however, is designed to be simply and easily cleaned.

The main roll of the Magnattack pressure liquid pipeline magnet is to provide efficient magnetic separation without leaks, blockage or distortion. Proven effective in the removal of metal from chocolate, syrups, soups, sauces, pie fillings, viscous pet foods and a large range of dairy products, these magnets can be jacketed to allow for hot viscous products where required (e.g. chocolate transfer).

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