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Neodymium magnets are ideal when extra strength is required and size is important. Providing the highest energy products available in any permanent magnet material, they are extremely stable when exposed to stray electromagnetic fields generated by other permanent magnets. 

Magnets for industrial applications
Precise calibration is achievable for the most demanding applications. They are nickel plated and can be used in:
  • High performance motors
  • Magnetic separators
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Electronics
  • Therapy

Rare earth magnetic categories

  • Disc and Rod Magnets - Measured diameter x thickness, magnetised through the thickness and are anisotropic unless otherwise stated
  • Ring Magnets -  Measured outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness and magnetised through the thickness
  • Block Magnets - Measured length x bredth x thickness and magnetised through the thickness
  • Holding Magnets - Capped and shallow pot neodymium magnets for extra grip

Neodymium's Rare Earth Magnets are stable and permanent magnets, best for high performance motors, magnetic separators and resonance imaging.

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14/06/11 - Maglab Magnets has announced that due to a massive increase in demand and limited number of suppliers, the cost of rare earth magnets will increase by at least 300% in the near future.
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