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In-circuit emulator for Philips microprocessor

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HITEX has announced its support for the Philips Semiconductor 80C51MX Memory eXtension microprocessor and all of its enhancements with a high-quality family of debug tools.

Philips has extended its 80C51 architecture to support up to 16MB of program and data memory.

This microprocessor is supported with a real-time in-circuit emulator, the DProbeHS, available from Macro Dynamics , which can be combined with a real-time trace subsystem providing a high-end in-circuit emulation system that fully supports all 80C51MX specific enhancements.

Some features offered by the system are: non-intrusive debugging, high speed support (up to 70MHz), 1MB of dual-ported emulation memory with shadow RAM functionality for external data, 1M hardware breakpoints for code and data, real-time trace, complex triggers with sequencing, code coverage, memory protection and performance analysis.

Additional features include a timer trigger, read-before-written detection, interrupt support while the emulation is halted and full watchdog support.

HiTOP, the state of the art high-end user interface supports sophisticated HLL debugging and includes a symbol browser as well as the script language HiSCRIPT and provides full support of all popular compilers.

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