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Macnaught P3 Powerlube air powered greasing

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article image Air powered greasing from Macnaught

The Macnaught Powerlube is an example of quality, high pressure, air-powered greasing. With models to suit containers from 12.5kg (28 lbs.) to 22kg (48 lbs.), the P3 is fitted with a 50:1 ratio air motor which can run off most small compressors to provide fast, continuous air powered greasing.

Features of the air powered greasing systems include:

  • Most equivalent air powered greasers run at 0.16 m3/min (6 cfm), whereas the Powerlube greasers run at  0.08 m3/min (3 cfm)
  • Not only does the required compressor size (and consequently work area footprint) shrink – running the P3 air powered greasers are also environmentally friendly in their energy efficiency as well as much more economical to operate
  • The Powerlube air powered greasers are perfectly suited for underground greasing as well – they contain no aluminium and is safe for coalmines and similar locations
  • Cost- and energy efficient
  • The Powerlube air powered greasers are safe to use wherever they are called on
  • These greasers are adaptable and quiet
  • The Macnaught P3 Powerlubes are ideal for continuous, fast, air powered greasing

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