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200 ADM-P current injection systems with phase shift from Macey’s Electrical

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article image 200ADM-P current injection systems from Macey's Electrical

The 200ADM-P model of current injection systems boast a range of features including phase shift, data storage and harmonic analysis, and they are available now from Macey’s Electrical.  

By virtue of their range of outputs the injection systems can withstand currents between 1mA and 200A. Voltages up to 240V are available on the main outputs allowing high impedance current relays to be tested.  

The injection systems have true RMS metering with single cycle capture and four current ranges. Existence of the four current ranges ensures that the trip level and scale of the meter can be set independently from the selected output.  

The injection systems are safe and reliable, and they used industry standard safety connectors.  

The 200ADM-P has a flexible auxiliary ac output that can be used at up to 260V for voltage relays or up to 10A for current relays. The phase and frequency of this output are fully adjustable.  

This unique combination of voltage and current highlights the effectiveness of the injection systems as they can test relays that require two voltages, one voltage and one current or two currents.  

The 200ADM-P model comes equipped with an auxiliary metering module. It can be used to meter ac and dc voltage, along with current and frequency from the auxiliary outputs or external signals.  

The module can also take measurements in conjunction with the main current output to meter phase angle, power, impedance, CT ratio and harmonics.  

A variable stabilised DC supply with current limit is provided to power the relay under test.    

The accuracy of the current injection systems is further enhanced by the inclusion of a comprehensive timing system. This system is linked to the outputs and is able to both efficiently and effectively measure trip, reset and reclose time. The timing system includes a current operated mode and can also test instantaneous trips.  

The 200ADM-P models also feature two USB sockets, so a memory key, keyboard or printer can be connected. This allows for test results to be analysed at a later date as they are stored in these devices in spreadsheet format.  

If a keyboard is attached, users can type a comment next to each result. This can be useful when analysing test results at a later date as it can help refresh the memory. A graphics file of the waveform may also be stored to the memory key.

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