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UK software firm buys into local market

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MAN-Machine Co-operation (M2C) has secured the UK-based Pathtrace Engineering Systems as a minor stakeholder in its new Australian software distributorship.

The agreement positions M2C as the master distributor of Pathtrace's EdgeCAM suite of products throughout Australia and New Zealand - responsible for customers in local manufacturing, design and engineering industries.

M2C's business focus is on providing CAM software solutions for a range of CAD systems. In Australia to help launch M2C, Pathtrace distributor account manager Gerard Cook said the partnership provides a logical step into the Asia-Pacific CAM market.

"We feel the Australian market has great potential for CAD/CAM vendors and we see Australia as a key part of the Asia-Pacific region," said Mr Cook.

"With this agreement M2C becomes a major player in the CAM software industry. EdgeCAM currently has around 28,000 registered seats worldwide and we believe business will increase significantly in the Asia Pacific region."

Key to EdgeCAM's technology is its ability to recognise any changes in a CAD model and recalculate the machining strategy and NC code accordingly.

"All design processes involve constant changes, so it's important to implement measures that ensure the people manufacturing the tools are working from the latest model," said Mr Cook.

"With EdgeCAM, M2C has the capacity to offer customers a completely integrated and associative CAM solution ensuring costly design to manufacture errors are eliminated."

EdgeCAM is a CAM solution for milling, turning, wire cutting, advanced surface machining and solid modelling, with the ability to perform multi-axis turning and milling functions, which many other programs cannot perform.

EdgeCAM has recently introduced EdgeCAM Strategy Manager, a unique offering in N.C. Programming, affording automatic generation of toolpaths.

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