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External High Speed Sectional Doors from M.T.I. Qualos

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M.T.I. Qualos  supplies a range of external high speed sectional doors designed for continuous demanding operations.  

The robust, yet lightweight vertically opening doors are ideal for normal external traffic-flow situations offering a high level of safety.  

The high speed sectional doors are supplied with a programmable controller.  

The doors are available with various types of opening and closing control systems to meet individual operational requirements and include induction loop, radio control, radar, photocell, push-button or pull-switch options.  

Key features of the external high speed sectional doors:  

  • Heavy duty doors with 4mm thick, fully transparent curtain to ensure safe transport routes and good visual contact
  • Opening speed of 0.8m/s is designed for doors up to 5000mm H x 6000mm W in normal operation
  • Proven inversion relay control system ensures safe door operation
  • Fold-out side-frames facilitate maintenance procedures
  • Operator and shaft are borne by the cantilever side-frames housing the photocell, energy chain and side tensioning and pull mechanism
  • Brush seals reduce drafts
  • Additional aluminium wind safety profiles are recommended when exposed to high wind pressures to give the curtain the necessary rigidity
  • By using the wind safety profile, a vinyl panel and fully transparent curtain can also be combined

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