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Towards the future: What are Nanomachines?

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Nanomachines are minute robots that would have to perform tasks on a molecular level. Although still in the research stages, nanomachines have the potential to be introduced into products and used by industries for a multitude of applications, and would arguably be the most profitable technological advance of this century.

The following industries are already exploring the uses of nanomachines:

  • Biological
  • Food
  • Crime
  • Sport;and
  • Commercial and domestic appliance.
Health industry
Due to their nanometric dimension, nanomachines would be able to fit within a human cell. The LX Group explore the nanomachines potential applications within the health industry and advances that have been made in disease control, chronic disorder prevention, and the reversal of various mental and physical disorders.

Food Industry
Nanomachines could have the ability to alter the characteristics of food such as the taste, texture, appearance, and nutrition value, providing the food industry with enormous application potential.

Nanosized RFID chips and bar codes that are deactivated upon purchase, are being used by retailers in Europe and the US to catch thieves from stealing items from their outlets.

Nanomachines could be used  to create a more  diverse range of equipment that could make way for the development of new sports altogether.

Commercial and domestic appliance industry
Nanosized particles of colloidal silver (an antibacterial and antimicrobial solution) are currently being used in domestic and commercial appliances to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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